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Transformational Life Coaching

Medical Hypnosis


Susan Spiegel Solovay is an experienced life coach and medical hypnotist, with 20 years of success helping clients achieve their goals. Susan helps you uncover and change limiting beliefs, and develop healthier habits of thought and behavior. As both a hypnotist and life coach she will help you release past issues, envision the future, and live the life you want, now.

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Holding Hands

Relief for: pain, headaches, insomnia, stress.

Prepare for: successful surgery, chemo or radiation treatments.


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Change your Inner Dialogue

Release blocks and confusion
Discover your path
Create the life you love


Warm Up on the Beach

Quit smoking
Lose weight
Stop nail biting, hair pulling
Release stress


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Reduce anxiety, release fears, and shift habits rapidly with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and hypnosis.

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From Cancer to Cured

In 1984, an Ericksonian Hypnotherapist helped me quit smoking, and stop eating sugar...and release years of anxious habits. I felt calmer and happier than ever before, and had tools to handle life's emotional ups and downs. That is why I became certified in hypnotherapy: to help others feel better, from the inside out.

In 2004, when I received a very serious cancer diagnosis (ovarian cancer, stage 3C), my first phone call was to a fellow hypnotherapist. I used both top medical protocols of the day and Medical Hypnosis to get through treatment successfully, clear stress, and heal fully. It's over 12 years now; my doctor said I am cured....I did not know they used that word!


Today, vibrantly healthy, I teach Deep Relaxation and Healing Imagery to cancer and surgery patients at major hospitals in the Northeast. In my private practice I'm helping people use the power of their own mind, to heal, feel free, and find joy. I am deeply grateful to be doing this work.

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I first met Susan in the summer of 2013, when I was facing major surgery and a possible cancer diagnosis. It was one of the most difficult times of my life. As a nervous newcomer to hypnotherapy, I didn't really know what to expect, but Susan's warmth and graceful command of her craft immediately put me at ease.

With her expert ears, keen mind and open heart, Susan led me through my first session. It was an invaluable experience and the beginning of what has now become an essential relationship in my life of well being.

As a result of my superb experience, I have recommended Susan to many friends and colleagues and she has helped them all – from an elderly friend with back problems, to a colleague with food issues to another pal facing surgery. She has been uniformly wonderful and helpful to all.

As a person, Susan is warm, kind, clear and always sunny. She is prompt, reliable and a clear and effective communicator. She offers her gifts and know-how to clients with the the kind of generosity that comes from being absolutely sure of what she is doing. She is a true professional.

It is possible to get immense relief in a single session working with Susan.

I have learned many incredible lessons from Susan that I utilize daily to help myself stay calm, centered and optimistic. Susan is an extraordinary person and an equally extraordinary healer.

Laurie M. - Author & Artist    MEDICAL HYPNOSIS

I grew up in a household that caused me to be very angry, distrustful and insecure internally. While I smiled on the outside, I was in pain inside. Susan gently used guided meditation, hypnotherapy, wise words, and most of all empathy to help me control my negative thinking and turn it around.  She taught me that we are in control of our thoughts and that we have choices on how we view situations in life. She empowered me and showed me how to treat myself better.
Most importantly, Susan was incredibly patient and made me feel safe. Every session I would leave feeling like I conquered another demon and was closer to my goal of serenity. I always left each session happy.
I now apply all that I learned from her to navigate life. I believe Susan has been a tremendous gift for me.

Jayne H. - Marketing VP  LIFE COACHING

The deal made with friends and family was: If I tried being hypnotized as my last ditch effort to give up a lifelong habit of smoking and it didn’t work, they would stop bugging me. I was late for the appointment with Susan Solovay because I sat in my car and had just one more smoke. I did not expect it to work at all.
Susan with her gentle spirit and intent listening immediately relaxed me. I still didn’t believe. After explaining how she works and what I might feel, she instructed me first to hand over my cigarettes and then just relax. Several years later I write this as a non-smoker.
By nature I am a fairly intense, always over-extended soul with few stress management skills. At times I have turned to Susan for help. When I was in a bad car accident, it was her kindness combined with her skills as a hypnotist (which I still don’t understand) that helped me through the pain and tension of the early recovery days. An hour listening to her soft voice slowly talk me into a dreamy state where I can let go of whatever, has been the calm in the storm, the clarity in the fog and the most wonderful gift imaginable.
Susan is an extraordinarily positive professional always. Her knowledge, skills and patience combined with her genuine compassion quickly take you from questioning to trusting.  Susan is a gift to all who know her.

Susie W.  Contractor/Designer   QUIT SMOKING

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For more information please contact Susan Spiegel Solovay. Free 1/2 hour consultation is available by phone or in person.



789 Main St., Great Barrington, MA

543 Warren St., Hudson N.Y.

280 Madison Ave, New York City 

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