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“Susan, I don’t know what you did. I opened my eyes, and haven’t wanted a cigarette since. I wish I called you
years ago!”  Joe M, Hudson NY

“The radiation treatments are occurring without any side effects. I feel wonderful and so much lighter because of the emotional release work you helped me with.  I can actually breathe deeper and that feels wonderful.” Joyce D, cancer survivor, Atlanta GA

“Susan gave me back the gift of sleep. I had been sleepless due to my husband’s snoring. After one session, I heard his snoring as ‘music’ to my ears! I am now able to fall asleep and stay asleep. What a blessing.”  Linda C, Great Barrington MA

It’s my 2nd time around treating breast cancer. This time, I am using a recording that Susan gave me before and during each session. I have been doing great. More energized, fewer side effects, and better than I did last time around. I credit my work with Susan for making a big difference. Also, my sessions with her have helped release the anger and fear; I have a new outlook of hope. And I have tools I use everyday to reduce stress.” Kristin W., Marketing Professional, NYC

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